Tepezza® Hearing Loss Lawsuits Are Underway

Published May 04, 2023
By adyca

After taking Tepezza®, people have reported suffering from permanent hearing problems, such as hearing loss and tinnitus. With lawsuits now filed, victims of the drug claim that the label did not warn patients or the doctors who prescribed it about the potentially permanent hearing loss or tinnitus risks they've been experiencing. Below we'll dive into what Tepezza® is, how it works, the history behind the lawsuits, and how you may be eligible to file. 

In January 2020, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) formally approved Tepezza (teprotumumab), a new prescription drug developed by Horizon Therapeutics, used for treating thyroid eye disease (TED), a condition known as Graves' eye disease. TED is an eye condition where the eye muscles, eyelids, tear glands, and fatty tissue behind the eyes become inflamed. The inflammation in the eye is triggered by what is known as an abnormal autoimmune response, causing the eyes to swell and impeding a person's vision. 

When a patient suffering from TED is prescribed Tepezza®, the drug will be administered by injection about every three weeks for around five months. Tepezza® works by blocking a specific protein that is believed to be the reason behind the development of TED.  


Tepezza Lawsuits Rise as Patients Lose Their Hearing

As previously mentioned, In January 2020, Tepezza® was approved by the FDA as the only drug known to treat TED. Before the FDA approval, Horizon did acknowledge that Tepezza® did present some risk of hearing damage as a potential side effect, and based on two clinical trials conducted, Horizon reported that only 10% of patients reported hearing issues, stating that it was "temporary and generally of limited duration." However, in March 2021, another study published in the Journal of the Endocrine Society on the TED treatment drug showed that Horizon greatly understated the risks of hearing damage associated with Tepezza and undersold how serious that hearing damage could be.

The 2021 study showed that patients who were taking Tepezza® were at a 65% higher risk for developing temporary and or permanent hearing issues. Raising the risk to over six times higher than what was originally disclosed by Horizon during the FDA approval process. More recently, in January 2022, another study came out that proposed a mechanism for how Tepezza was causing hearing damage. This case series included four cases of Tepezza-associated hearing loss based upon patients of three doctors who treated 28 patients.

Then again, in February 2022, another report was published that involved a prospective observational case series on hearing loss connected to Tepezza®. The results of the study showed that three out of five patients with hearing loss linked to Tepezza® had persistent subjective hearing loss at the last follow-up.

In 2022, Tepezza® victims started filing liability lawsuits against Horizon after taking the drug and suffering from permanent hearing loss. According to the lawsuits, the victims allege that Horizon knew or at least should have reasonably known that Tepezza® presented a much higher risk of permanent hearing loss. Though there was ample medical literature suggesting that the Tepezza® was highly connected to hearing loss, Horizon knowingly pushed forward, leaving no warning for patients or doctors to assess the risks. 


Victims of Tepezza® Are Still Eligible to Fight Back

As it stands, last month, a panel of federal judges was set to hear arguments in late May 25, 2023, in order to decide whether to create a Multidistrict Litigation lawsuit for all Tepezza hearing loss claims filed in federal courts in the U.S. Until the decision is made, victims of the Tepezza® drug are eligible to file a lawsuit against Horizon. In order to qualify to file a Tepezza® lawsuit, victims must have taken the drug and experienced either permanent or persistent hearing loss. Depending on state laws, a statute of limitations for filing a claim may exist. In order to best understand if you qualify to file for a lawsuit against Horizon Therapeutics, we highly recommend you speak with an attorney as soon as possible. 

If you believe you or a loved one may have lost your hearing after taking the drug Tepezza®, do not wait to speak with an attorney. For more information on the Tepezza® lawsuits and if you may be eligible to file, you can connect with our attorneys by completing our free, no-obligation case evaluation form today.