Abbott Baby Formula Lawsuit

If your child developed complications from Abbott Baby Formula, you may qualify for a legal claim against the product manufacturer.

Abbott Baby Formula Lawsuit

Abbott Laboratories, a baby formula manufacturer, recently issued a voluntary recall for its Similac, Alimentum, and Elecare products after numerous reports of young children developing health concerns and requiring hospitalization. According to the FDA, these products contain elevated levels of cronobacter sakazakii and salmonella bacteria, both of which can cause life-threatening infections in young children. Abbott has traced the defective food products back to their manufacturing facility in Sturgis, Michigan, but these products were likely shipped to other areas of the country as well, considering the four known cases of infection occurred in Texas, Ohio, and Minnesota. 

Abbott has determined that the affected product’s serial numbers contain K8, SH, or Z2, begin with 22 through 37, and have an expiration date of April 1st, 2022. If you have any Similac, Alimentum, or Elecare products in your home that meet these qualifications, it’s best to dispose of them and find a safer alternative for your child. Additionally, anyone whose child developed adverse health effects after ingesting one of these products should speak with a trusted legal professional about their options. Although a lawsuit won’t reverse the damage, it can allow you to financially recover from the situation and, most importantly, ensure that Abbott answers for negligently exposing children to dangerous bacteria. 

Product liability violations occur every day, but not many involve the health and wellbeing of young children. Abbott Laboratories knows their target market, yet they chose to act negligently anyway, forcing innocent families to pick up the pieces on their own. Their failure to properly safety test their products is nothing short of unacceptable, but there’s no reason to lose hope. Morgan & Morgan’s product liability lawyers are on the case, and we only hire the best in the business. With over 800+ attorneys, offices from coast to coast, and resources to take on a bully of any size, our firm is uniquely capable of helping you hold Abbott Laboratories accountable for recklessly endangering their customer base in the name of profit. 

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What’s the Current Status of the Baby Formula Lawsuit?

Parents whose children have developed infections have begun to file lawsuits against the manufacturer, seeking to hold them accountable for their negligence and recover damages. These innocent families have had to witness their child fight off a potentially life-threatening infection, all the while knowing that their condition was the fault of an organization that was supposed to have their back. Anyone who finds themselves in this position should speak with a trusted attorney about their options. They’ll answer your questions, advise you on your options, then, if you choose to move forward, stand by your side for the duration of the process. Unfortunately, we’re still in the early stages of this tragic circumstance, and it’s best to team up with an attorney sooner rather than later to stay one step ahead of the latest developments.

Am I Eligible to Join the Lawsuit Against Similac, Alimentum, and Elecare?

The FDA has cautioned parents to avoid Similac, Alimentum, and Elecare baby formula made by Abbott Laboratories after discovering harmful bacteria within the products. You can check if your baby formula is included in the voluntary recall by checking Abbott’s online resource,, and inputting the lot number found on the bottom of the product’s packaging. There, you can tell if your product is dangerous for consumption and promptly dispose of it, as there are many other safe alternatives to feed your child. Parents have already begun to file lawsuits against the manufacturer, but they can only do so if their child develops an infection that requires a hospital visit after ingesting the toxic baby formula. 

If your child developed an infection or any other adverse health effects associated with the dangerous bacteria found in their Similac, Alimentum, and Elecare products, our firm is here to stand by your side. Both cronobacter sakazakii and salmonella bacteria can cause serious infections in young children. Neither of these harmful bacteria should have found their way into the products you feed your children, and with a little forethought by Abbott Laboratories, we wouldn’t be in this situation. Abbott’s negligence isn’t your burden to bear, and our attorneys can help give you the best possible chance of recovering the fullest extent of the compensation you deserve. 

How Do I Know if My Child Developed an Infection From Their Baby Formula?

Cronobacter sakazakii and salmonella bacteria infections can look different, but they’re both equally dangerous. It’s important to understand the symptoms of each infection to identify red flags in your child before it’s too late. If your child ingested baby formula and exhibited the following symptoms, you should bring them to a medical professional for a further diagnosis:

  • Fever
  • Unusual patterns of crying
  • Abnormally low energy
  • Difficulty or refusal to eat

The previously mentioned symptoms are indicators of a cronobacter sakazakii infection, whereas salmonella infections cause foodborne illness symptoms, such as diarrhea, intestinal pressure, and vomiting. Either infection can require hospitalization in serious cases, especially in children under three months of age, making the negligence of Abbott all the more unacceptable. 

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All manufacturers are responsible for the harm their products cause once they're sold on the open market. Abbott is no exception, and the victims of their negligence can file a lawsuit against them seeking damages, punitive damages for their hardship, and, most importantly, hold them accountable for endangering the safety of young children. Our attorneys are well-versed in all aspects of product liability law, allowing anyone who was harmed by negligent organizations to navigate through the process with ease. While Abbott might think they can use their size and resources to remove themselves from the liability, it’s only a matter of time until they’re forced to answer for their injustices, especially with Morgan & Morgan on the case. 

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